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Student, Freelance Researcher, Alpine Mountaineer



I have always been interested in the fundamental interconnectedness of all things, so I started my academic endeavors in life sciences. Classical biological approaches are usually bottom-up and deal with the vast complexity and interconnectedness by detangling and isolating the components.

However, mathematics paired with statistics and computer sciences can generate clever algorithms that extract new knowledge out of the sea of information and data we are drowning in. This field, called data science, is the path I am currently following.

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The basis of my current work consists of the following two scientific fields:

Scientific Computing: a field I stumbled into while expanding my skillset necessary for new interdisciplinary approaches in life sciences. Long story short, I fell in love with the algorithmic and mathematical part of computer sciences. This study offered me a strong mathematical, logical and algorithmic foundation but also the opportunity to dive into high-performance computing, in particular into numerical, parallel and cloud-based approaches.


Data science: a field I ventured into while working in life sciences. As member of one of the research groups that performed a genome-wide tissue specific screen I soon realized modern life science approaches produce far more data than could be transformed into useful knowledge. I bring a refined scientific approach paired with a keen eye for the bigger picture and in-depth algorithmic knowledge.



Data Science

Competitive Programming


Honing my skills, gathering experience and earning a living with data science challenges.

Scientific Computing

Finishing Studies


Currently looking for an interesting project that would qualify as a diploma thesis in a company or an organization.


Training to become a Guide


Training and completing the pre-requisite tours for the mountain guide entrance exam.




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