This part of my site contains some current and past projects I am particularly proud of. They reflect my current interests and give you a glimpse of my diverse background. I am always on the lookout for new and interesting projects and open to new collaboration opportunities. Feel free to contact me!

Visualizing Deep Learning


Currently I am working in the Research Group “Visualization and Data Analysis” with Prof. Möller at the University of Vienna, trying to understand

deep learning through a parameter space analysis of deep neural network architectures and will be soon playing with the brand-new NVIDIA DGX-1, a supercomputer engineered for AI-accelerated analytics workloads.


Data Science & Competitive Coding


I am honing my skills in competitive data-science challenges and getting practical experience with state of the art algorithms and machine learning tools and libraries. Recently I achieved 3rd Place (and $2500) in the NASA "Fishing for Fishermen" challenge a competition which focussed on creating an algorithm to effectively identify if a vessel is fishing or not based on AIS broadcast reports and contextual data as a tool to combat illegal fishing.

Research & Publishing experience in Life Sciences


I originally come from a life science background. The complex, delicate and largely

unexplored molecular and cellular mechanisms that build up living organisms have intrigued me from the start.


Scientific Outreach & Interdisciplinary Communication - “Vier Farben” (“Four Colors”)


One way to gain new insights is to change one’s perspective, to learn about new approaches and to develop new ideas based on input from others. This is why, together with a group of friends, we conceptualized and organized the project “Vier Farben” (“Four Colors”) as a special series of events: Two speakers per evening, both from a different scientific discipline, presented their views or artistic performances related to the same topic.

Approaching the subject from two contrasting perspectives made similarities and differences visible and paved the way for new interpretations and ideas.

Including art in the project, with its own methods, qualities and constraints, rendered the project even more colorful.


Austrian Mountain & Ski Guide


3 years ago, the recovery of a severe injury sustained during a high-altitude mountaineering trip strengthened the drive to expand my capabilities concerning alpinism. This setback led me to strive to become a mountain guide in my free time,

a professional who is capable of accompanying and instructing any person in a secure, responsible and autonomous manner for several activities (in particular alpinism, climbing, athletic climbing, ski touring, off-piste, ice climbing, high-altitude mountaineering).

Currently I am training and working on the extensive and demanding tour list necessary prior to the entrance exam.


Austrian mountain & ski guide (german)




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